Submit Your Articles Directly from WordPress

With the presentation of our new Ezinearticles WordPress Plugin, experienced WordPress customers will have the ability to submit their WordPress posts and site segments right to!

As the years progressed, we’ve recommended that a standout amongst the most perfect methodologies to raise your article number was to repurpose your existing substance, in the same path as online journal sections and diverse materials, into articles. Weakness is, there’s never been a basic methodology to do that …  starting as of late.

The Ezinearticles WordPress Plugin* will give the capacity to at the same time appropriate new shows on the web and submit them as articles to Not only that, it allows any existing shows on be particularly submitted as articles while never leaving WordPress.

An exchange remarkable normal for this plugin is the suitable capacity to screen the review status of as of late submitted articles right from the WordPress administrative interface.

We’re scanning for widely appealing and impelled WordPress webmasters to attempt this plugin out and let us know how we can improve it.

Getting to the Ezinearticles WordPress Plugin 

 Log into your Ezinearticles part interface.

 Hover over the “Inventor Tools” drop-down menu and click on “WordPress Plugin”.

 Follow the controlled headings for presenting and launching the plugin.

When you’ve presented and ordered the plugin, you’ll should simply click on the “Disseminate Post on Ezinearticles” checkbox and thereafter click “Convey” or “Upgrade” to in the meantime circulate your post AND submit it as an article to

So on the off chance that you’re an experienced WordPress customer, go download, present and institute the plugin at this point. By then take it for a test head to recognize how it works. On the off chance that you have any requests, stop back and leave a comment and we’ll endeavor to offer aid.

Upgraded March 29th 2010 at 9pm CST: 

An upgraded Ezinearticles WordPress Plugin is available for your use!

(You will need to download and present the latest adjustment from your Author Tools range)

The new qualities of this plugin join: 

Resource Box Options
– You can use the default possession box composed on your record or change one.

 Article Guideline Acceptance – You can check if your article will pass our principles before submitting.

 Blog Post/article Content Flexibility – You now can make movements to your online journal section without those movements considered your


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