Mobile App Development

The Android platform is one of the fastest developing platforms in the market as of now. It is diverse and flexible when it comes to making of compatible resources for its users. To make ends meet, Android smartphones require a variety of applications to provide the users with different services. The Android market contains a great variety of apps and software that are compatible with the latest upgrades of the platform. This is where the role of an Android app development company falls in.


Services offered by Android App Development Company

About 65% of the smartphone industry is compatible with Android integration. Android App Development Company provides ample of services that lead to effective functioning apps for the users of the platform. Be it for the Android Smartphones, Android Tablets or Android TV.  Below is the process flow of the steps that any ideal Android App development Company follows:

Discovery of concept

For any application development, there is an idea generation process to frame the objective of the service. Any Android app fulfills the certain objective. This task is overcome with the discovery of the simplest manner of providing the same. Programmers prepare their codes according to the idea generating the app.

UI/UX Design

An important phase of the development of Android App is where the User Interface is taken to confront up-close. Developers plan their programming process keeping in mind to provide best user experience to clients. This stage involves Wire-frames, Design Concept, Ease of tools, and interaction of phases in a program.

Program Coding and development

The actual process where the developers expend their time programming is the coding phase. It is a rigorous activity that only computer programming experts clearly understand. This phase will also include Code review, Unit Testing, etc. Majority of the development for the Android App takes place during this phase. Therefore, it is a prospective phase of development.

Quality Testing

All Android apps require testing and quality checks before final release. An app is ready for launch when it secures a level of scores during the testing phase. Despite the unpredictability of success of the same, developers must leap through the nominal scores for safe functioning. Not all apps make the best impact as predicted by the test. However, it is a necessary phase where the team can positively move ahead with the release or launch of the application.

App distribution and Launch prep

Before finalizing the app release, the developers must assure that the conditions of the application satisfy the predictions. Even after assurance of the test results, a preliminary release must be taken for confirming the effectiveness of the app. Depending on the type of service category the application belongs to, this phase may or may not be necessary.Hence, these are processes that the ideal Android App Development Company performs for the successful launch of the application. Android App market is vast and catching up with the trend is not a simple task for developers to establish on their own. For this reason, the support from an Android App Development Company is essential.


Native App Development

Basically, the React Native is a platform of Facebook using which it provides better kind of UI/UX to its users. Hence, it proves an essential platform for developing user-friendly applications. Our present article is on, Why choosing React Native App Development will benefit your business will demonstrate before you the main perks of using this platform for development.


React Native App Development – Top Features

Here is a list of the essential features that React Native offers to the developers. Due to these features, it has become one of the most preferable platforms amongst the developers.

Reusable Components

Perhaps, the most essential feature of this platform is that it allows the developers to reuse the components. Using it one can directly compile the blocks with the native app. Both iOS and Android are having their counterparts in React, that delivers the consistent result across all the platforms.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance of the React Native app is extremely easier. As it makes use of heavy javascript, it becomes simple for the developers moving from one project to the another. Moreover, with the Live Reload feature, they can easily determine the effect of each of the codes written instantly.

High Performance

It delivers the users with a high performance. With the increase in the complications of the applications, the performance of the app decreases. But, when one is using the React Native app it constantly delivers better performance in all kind of apps.

Cross-Platform Development

Initially, it was made only for the iOS platform. However, due to its better performance, it is also supporting Android. Hence, it allows the developers for developing cross-platform applications simultaneously. This reduces the development cost to a greater extent.

Benefits of React Native App Development

Offering the users as well as developers with a lot of conveniences, here are some of the perks one can while working with the React Native platform.

Third Party Integration

Integrating the react native app with the third-party applications is extremely easier. There are a variety of plugins already available to choose from. Therefore, making less use of the data one can quickly locate the information with an ease.

High Efficiency

Comparing it with the other platforms, the React Native app offers the users with a high efficiency. Almost 50% better than the other development platforms. Also, it wouldn’t require the developer rewriting the codes again and again, saving a lot of time for him that he’d spent for the development of the application.

Attractive User Interface

The react native platform’s main benefit is the attractive user interface that it offers to the users. Providing them with the ease of accessing the application, it effectively delivers a higher level of response. This reduces the loading time and makes it easier navigating through various tabs and finding anything in the application.


In the present article on, Why choosing React Native App Development will benefit your business we have shown the top features along with the certain benefits of using the React Native Platform.


Hire Android App Developers

Android Apps Development Services

Android OS – a quickest developing OS in the realm of advanced cell phones turning out to be exceptionally well known with its every single redesign.

With the development in the quantity of Android phones in the commercial market and the acknowledgment of Android by all organizations, there is no doubt that Android App Development is a deal that no organization can disregard.

Furthermore, with the fast advancement of this platform, which is supported on the Linux Kernel, there are a few Android applications which developers are adding to a great deal of businesses over the globe.

The greatest and most noteworthy point of interest of this platform is that being an open source development platform, it requires less speculation while it guarantees handsome rate of profitability and that is one of the main motivations that Android application development has turned into an extraordinarily advantageous business for autonomous application developers to take in substantial income.

We hold ability over Android resolution and its data storage, 2D graphics and gaming applications and notification and background apps for specific apps, very accurate and quick search box and highly compatible browser apps, and GPS navigation based apps, short messaging apps and chat apps and so on; to give some examples.

What we love to accomplish for Android Application Development?:

  • Custom zed Android Application Development from Android 4.0 (IceCream Sandwich & Above versions)
  • Gaming Applications
  • Enterprise Android Apps
  • Android M-business Apps
  • Android Application Testing/Portability
  • Android Maintenance and Support

To get more detail contact us today by just sending us an enquiry in regards toyour needs and about what you are searching for in your whole Android App Development. Our applications have seen huge accomplishment, and we are satisfied to spread that to with you. Get in touch with us to talk about your Android Application Development.

Hybrid App Development Company

Hybrid App Development Services

Hybrid applications are similar to local application, which runs on the device and for Hybrid application development, the technology which is used is HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Users can download from a place like Apple’s App Store from Google’s Play Store and can use it like any other apps used. Native Apps and Hybrid Apps are similar in look and feel just the difference is from developers end. So instead of Developer coding from scratch on a mobile platform, a developer can reuse code and can use app’s code in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. In any Mobile Operating System this code can use be used, so from developer’s point Hybrid App Development is pretty easy to manage and code and it main point of interest is it consumes less time, when the App has to be made of the same Web Application.

hybrid app development company

Arvaan Techno-Lab and Expertise in Hybrid App Development:

  • Assessment of client needs by interacting with Designers and Developers
  • Prepared Prototype Models before final release of App
  • Fixing bug before and after launching of App
  • Helps in Mobile Marketing

Hybrid Mobile App Developers of Arvaan Techno-Lab

Our designers and developers have propelled capability in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and in most recent technologies, for example, PhoneGap, Sencha, SproutCore and jQuery Mobile.

In particular, our Hybrid application designers have a ton of involvement in building applications that give a special experience to users. At the end, our hybrid mobile app team is able to build custom hybrid mobile apps that will work across multiple platforms and gadgets, which can reduce a cost of clients and it can also be delivered on quicker time and to a wide range of audience.

Codeigniter Framework Development

A demonstrated, agile and open PHP framework– CodeIgniter empowers software engineers to create cutting edge dynamic applications. This web application platform enables designers to make applications much quicker, by giving a rich set of libraries for writing code from scratch. The architecture which follows MVC in this Object Oriented framework permits in making huge applications in sensible way. Straightforward and stacked with several libraries, CodeIgniter handles connections with numerous databases inside of a single application consistently.

At Arvaan Techno-Lab, our CodeIgniter developers have been reliably surpassing the desires of clients in each task. We can deliver projects of any size with standard structure with neat documentation and with the optimized speed.

Codeigniter Development Service for PHP and MySQL at Arvaan Techno-Lab offers following mentioned features to clients

  • Outstanding execution
  • All prominent database platforms support
  • High compatibility with all the hosting accounts which runs all PHP versions.
  • Follow standard coding rules
  • Easily extendable and basic library of modules
  • Clear and comprehensive documentation

Why Arvaan Techno-Lab Experts for CodeIgniter Development

The organization is capable in PHP programming and development and made extensive projects on CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter Web Development proves beneficial in Search Engine Optimization also. Our Developers remains in contact with you from starch to end for better development. There is always transparent communication between client and developers so as to fulfil the need of clients. Experienced and gifted PHP software designers are sensible to understand the complexity of the situations and put that into easy web application with best GUI.

It would be ideal if you don’t hesitate to contact us at whatever time for general inquiries about CodeIgniter PHP Development we offer. Need Expert Help? Get in touch with us to enlist committed web designer and Get a Free Quote. We are constantly glad to serve our clients

Have a creative thought? Simply give us a shout and will make into best web application for you.

NopCommerce Developer

Today’s market leads the online business the first choice of most users, we suggest to choose for Arvaan Techno-lab experts for nopCommerce Development Services to achieve your project’s faster execution at the most affordable prices. Arvaan Techno-lab gives professional eCommerce services to each clients by using open-source ASP.Net MVC shopping cart of nopCommerce platform.



    • Perfect Performance Optimization
    • Robust nopCommerce Plugin / Extension Development
    • Custom nopCommerce Theme Development which includes both mobile & desktop theme
    • Turn Key feature of nopCommerce Store Setup
    • Real custom Solr Integration Services


Seeking to hire nopCommerce developer with experienced and user-friendliness, scalability and reliability? Then just hire Arvaan Techno-lab’s skilled crew of nopCommerce designers, who always seek to deliver eCommerce solutions with requirements including shopping cart, shipping as well as payment gateway integration, CMS and much more by utilizing every experience and knowledge. Hire nopCommerce experts from us to take an advantage of our upper-class nopCommerce modules that suits best with your specific business ideas.

If you are looking for an excellent online store to make your presence over the web? Then we strongly recommend to try our services.

Custom Woocommerce Development

Arvaan Techno-lab is one of the leading WooCommerce development company providing cutting edge solutions in eCommerce development including WooCommerce theme as well as plugin development services. Our team dedicatedly provides world class solutions for all your business needs that prompts value added services.

Arvaan Techno-lab caters clients with various web based services which includes website development, CMS management support and online marketing management services.

Arvaan Techno-lab procurement of WooCommerce Development Services

Arvaan Techno-lab aim is to “Augment the business advancement and professional development of our client by providing the best design as well as development services”.

At Arvaan Techno-lab, the team is highly skilled consisting of web developers who can assist you with most effective eCommerce solutions specifically the WooCommerce development.


Custom Woocommerce Development

Arvaan Techno-lab Woocommerce Services

A range of web development solution that is offered to our clients in the field of WooCommerce development include:

  • WooCommerce Custom Plugin Development Solution
  • WooCommerce Theme (Custom) Development Solution
  • WooCommerce Theme Design support

Advantages of WooCommerce Development Services at Arvaan Techno-lab

The benefits of utilizing Arvaan Techno-lab LLC web based solution are:

  • Overwhelming flexibility with plugins to custom shopping cart.
  • Creating exclusive WooCommerce themes for eCommerce website support according to latest trends and needs.
  • Woocommerce customizations with extensions.
  • Improvements in scalable performance on existing WooCommerce systems.
  • Building of plugins for custom functions to complete customer experience solution.

Hire WooCommerce Developer @ Arvaan Techno-lab LLC

Arvaan Techno-lab LLC offers extensive facility of choosing a team of best of its class of WooCommerce developers who will work dedicatedly one project at time, wether it will Offshore or Onsite. Hire WooCommerce developer for extensive business needs.